How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for September 22, 2007
Oh my goodness the kitties were too cute for words today. I really didn't know why you wanted to aim the web cam at the couch ( since up to yesterday they seemed to be hanging out upstairs) but when I came in there they were side by side sitting on the couch together as if they knew the camera was on them. I really had to laugh. They sat there for awhile until dinner was about to be served then hopped off and came over to eat. While they were eating I went upstairs to check the litter. What I found was all the lights were blinking simultaneously and the dome had emptied itself. Oh brother.... well I read about this in the troubleshooting guide and it said that when all the lights were flashing that I should check to make sure it was on a level surface - and if that wasn't the case to call customer service. Well.... I just unplugged it a couple times, then found a switch on the side and shut that off and on - and FINALLY the dome decided to rotate back into place. Seems odd the box just started acting up like this right when you left. Have you had this much trouble with it before? In the meantime, I removed some of the litter ( I don't think these require much) and took out the plastic bag from the "drop box" just to see if these things might make a difference. So.. we'll see tomorrow! FYI, Luke is just an angel and loves for me to pick him up and carry him around.
2007-09-23 17:15:53 GMT