How's My Kitty?
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LUKE & ODIN, Entry for September 20-21, 2007
Hi there! Well both visits have gone very well. Thurday Jake came right ut to say hello and get a few pets and attention. Odin on the other hand hid out until he heard the sound of lunch beiing prepared. I looked around for kitty plates but could only find tupperware tops to serve their food in - is that correct? In any casy, fancy china or not - both kitties came right over and chowed down happily. I am very glad they'rre not as shy as I expected. After that they followed me upstairs to check on the litter robot. I've seen these before and they've always worked quite well - First day was fine and it was doing it's job. Second day however, it hadn't empied itself so I cycled it a couple of times and gave it a helping hand with the scoop. We'll see how iit goes tomorrow. In the meantime, both kitties sat behind me watching all the activity in utter fascination :)) I seem to amuse them:::
2007-09-22 12:49:03 GMT