How's My Kitty?
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JAKE, Entry for September 19, 2007
Hi mom! Well the news for the day is, that I accidentally brought the wrong key with me ( from the old apt. ) but miracle of miracles, your door was unlocked! You must have had a premonition. So I/we ( my mom & I ) got in and Jake was rolling around in the hall quite jubilantly. My mom ( who lives just 1/2 block away will be looking after him while you're gone, so I was just showing her the ropes). They got along just fine and I'm sure he'll get LOTS of extra attention with grandma as she always stays longer with the kitties than anyone else. He played alot with the cat dancer and OF COURSE dumped all the water out of his bowl by the time we left. I'm not sure we should keep filling it up for him when he just dumps it out on the rug - you tell me:)) Cheers, LH
2007-09-20 18:57:40 GMT