How's My Kitty?
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MERRY & PIPPIN, Entry for September 19, 2007
Hi there! Thanks for the note. I didn't get to cleaning the fountain today but will do my best tomorrow and perhaps not fill it all the way up and see what happens. Will double check it's locked in place properly too:) Everybody was quite glad when I arrived today. They also seemed a bit hungry as all their wet food was gone. Even Merry decided to join the group in the kitchen and not be so finicky and unsociable waiting to be fed in the bedroom. Merry's starting to make me feel like a real member of the family:)) After a bit I put a bowl of dry food down and both stopped eating their wet food and headed for that... hnmmmm. SO - I picked it up until I left and they went back to the good stuff. After that we had a little toy chase as usual in the diningroom. So all is well here and not too much excitement today thank goodness!
2007-09-20 18:52:29 GMT