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PIPPIN & MERRY, Entry for September 18, 2007
Hi guys! WELL - we did have a little excitement today...... the water fountain overflowed for some reason and there was a small puddle in the kitchen. Yesterday I did take the back tank off and filled it up for them - which normally is what one does with fountains and they are designed in such a way that they don't overfill the bowl. But this one it seems doesn't have that type of gauge. I just can't understand why ( ? ) Anyway, upon finding the small flood in the kitchen I grabbed the mop, but couldn't figure out how it worked.. ( made me feel rather stupid I'll tell you.. perhaps I was just overly tired, but usually those types of mops have a handle that you can pull back and this one didn't. So then I tried the window washer which wasn't terribly practical and FINALLY I resorted to the kitchen towels to soak it up - which worked out fine - and I left them on the back porch for your housekeeper to wash. Hopefully she does laundry? If not, I'll do it myself before you get back. I also unplugged the fountain, dumped out the water and left it on the sink temporarily. Tomorrow, I'll check it over and see if it's in proper order and how full the reservoir should be. I think it needs a good washing anyway - as there was a little bit of a smell when I poured the water out.... ANYhoo.... the kitties really enjoyed watching me slave away:) and sat in the hallway the whole time, then tip-toed out to see if the water was all gone and I'd done a good job:)) Both Pip and Merry approved thank goodness! After that we had lunch and playtime chase and when I left, there were both sitting under the table next to each other giving me their "Where are you going?" sad faces. Oh dear.... kills me:))
2007-09-19 15:35:44 GMT