How's My Kitty?
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LOLA, Entry for September 18, 2007
Wow! You're not going to believe this! Little Lola truly made my day yesterday.... When I first opened the door, the hallway was dark and Lola was standing in the lighted livingroom thinking mom had just come home - so she didn't budge. She quickly figured out it wasn't you though - because she didn't come toward me right away. She just stood there wondering.... So, I walked in very slowly so as not to startle her, then knelt down about half way down the hall and put my hand out for her to come over and sniff. Well... she did! And I even got a first pet in! After that I reached for her lobster and dangled that around for her - and she actually started playing! Well ! Within what I think is a very short time, we were fast friends and she wasn't timid or scared one bit! She followed me around, watching me clean the litter box, refresh her water and food etc. After that I had her spinning around in circles trying to catch her lobster. Isn't that just amazing for a kitty that hid under the chest and wouldn't come out at the consultation?? I was quite proud of myself and so happy for her that she'll be able to have playtime and interaction while you're gone. Well that's the news for today!!
2007-09-19 15:15:11 GMT