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MERRY & PIPPIN, Entry for September 17, 2007
Hi there! So good to see the angels again! BOTH kitties came right out to see me when I came in. I'm so happy these days that Merry is happy to see me as much as pippin. He walked right out of the bedroom and followed me to the kitchen, giving the scratching post a happy work over. There was plenty of food left in their bowls - so either you just left or they weren't loving it :) In any case, I opened a fresh can of Wellness and split it between two plates. Pip took a sniff and walked away and Merry ate a bit - but preferred to eat in the bedroom. Too much activity in the kitchen I guess. While they were eating I got all their dishes out of the dishwasher and stacked them on the kitchen counter, did up the dishes, cleaned the litter boxes and vacuumed the floor - litter of course being tramped around here and there as usual:) THEN, I got out the toy basket and sat in the hall. Both took their cue and headed for the diningroom to await the flying toys - which I tossed as far as I could toward the livingroom. Merry did the most chasing while Pippin just marveled at how cool I was making such a mess. lol. Cheers and more tomorrow!
2007-09-18 15:20:09 GMT
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They don't like the healthy food (in the big cans), but we keep trying...
2007-09-19 02:08:24 GMT