How's My Kitty?
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SHERMAN, Entry for September 15, 2007
Goodmorning! Well Sherman was his feisty self today when I came in, and his new "Lion Cut" really matched his personality well. Thanks for leaving everything in such neat order. All was easy to find and I gave him his meds as directed. That's quite a bit of catnip I must say:)) Sherman had eaten all his food since you left, but hadn't touched the treats or catnip yet. But when I scooped some of the treats up in my hand and put them down in front of him in the other room - he gobbled them right up! Guess he likes hand-feeding the best. What a spoiled kitty:)) I dragged one of his sparkly ball wands around for him but he wasn't quite ready to relax and play with me - so we just sat down and had a little chat after all the chores were done. So all's well and I'll be seeing him again tomorrow!
2007-09-16 14:27:49 GMT