How's My Kitty?
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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for September 15, 2007
Cocoa Puff, Basil and Sage are doing well today. When I arrived Basil and Sage were approaching the door and by the time I got into the apartment Cocoa puff was running out from the bedroom. She looks so cute when she is in a hurry. Her little short legs were moving a mile a minute and considering her arthritis she was pushing it to get out into the living room so fast. I was touched by the effort and knelt down and gave her many scratchies. I prepared their food right away and knelt down over Cocoa while she ate to prevent any incursions by the sisters before she finished and to give her some scratchies and encouragement while she ate. Basil and Sage wanted to play for a while after eating, so we did. After a while I started the litter boxes under the close inspection by the sisters. Basil and Sage crawled in and over the lids and into the litter boxes as I worked of course:) Meanwhile, Cocoa had disapeared into the bedroom and I grabbed her dish from its safe place and went looking all over the bedroom and finally found her under her steps that go up to the bed. She came out and ate a few morsels more and received some scratchies. then she came out into the living room and settled in one of the square cat beds and everyone got more hugs and scratchies before I left. Well that's all the news for today!~
2007-09-16 14:17:46 GMT