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Buttercup and Lulu Entry for September 15, 2007
I had yet another great visit with Buttercup and Lulu today! During the morning, they were full of energy and were excited to have company. I instantly went for the brush, and both were very happy. Buttercup sheds like crazy, and I cannot get over how soft Lulu's fur is! For this evening's visit, I made sure to go right for the food first, and then we played afterwards. They were very cuddley, and Lulu laid on the couch with me while Buttercup played with the wand. These guys are such great little kitties! Cheers!
2007-09-15 23:45:23 GMT
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Thank you for the updates!

If we could kindly remind you, since it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow (according to, if the apartment is particularly hot/muggy (being on the top floor), please turn on the AC for the girls.

Tell them we're thinking about them!

Thanks again!

Ilanit and Joshua
2007-09-16 18:38:55 GMT