How's My Kitty?
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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for September 14, 2007
It was so good to see the girls today. When I arrived Cocoa Puff and Basil wee lounging in the square cat beds in the living room near the TV. They looked so cute. Sage and Basil came over to the door to greet me. After we were through with our hugs I went over and gave Cocoa some scratchies which she really enjoyed despite the close proximity of the sisters. I prepared their food and everyone came over to eat. Cocoa stretched out on the living room rug for more scratchies after her food. Basil and Sage followed me around as I scooped the litter and swept the areas around the litter boxes. They gave their usual inspection by climbing into and over the boxes and lids and helping me sweep. All my chores being done, I got out the cat dancer and the sisters got very excited. They liked playing with the cat dancer just as much as they did before, however they were not making those high jumps that they used to make when they were younger. After our play I gave Cocoa some more scratchies and said good bye to all and promised to return tomorrow! Cheers!
2007-09-15 14:55:04 GMT