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DEWEY & JASMINE, Entry for September 12, 2007
Dewey and Jasmine were doing well today. They met me at the door as usual. They always seem to want to go out in the hall so I have to lead with my bag to block their exit. We settled into our routine. I prepared their food, which they are always anxious for me to do, however after checking it out they moved on with me to the living room for some play, some hugs and some scratchies. During our play session they stopped for some personal attention and or went individually to the kitchen briefly for a little nibble of food. Dewey especially needs hugs and some quiet time getting scratchies on the sofa during the play session. Jasmine is a player preferring to rub aganced my legs for some scratchies here and there. They really appreciate the time that we spend together and so do I
2007-09-13 15:21:33 GMT