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ONYX & GRACIE, Entry for September 7, 2007
The babies are doing fine. However Gracie is absolutely nowhere to be found. I'm sure she's somewhere down in the Tiki Room but where is anyone's guess. There are just tooooo many places to hide. Onyx on the other hand is my buddy and follows me all around searching for Gracie. I'm sure he must know where she is but he never gives her away - or else he just wants all my attention to himself. Today I decided not to give them wet food and left them out twice as much dry. Reason being - the flies are getting inside as usual and depositing their eggs in the food - which is pretty gross smelling when I arrive - not to mention I don't want the kitties eating fly eggs!! So - they'll just have to wait until mom and dad get home for the wet food. Hope you don't mind. Onyx is showing no signs of distress with his asthema, so that's a good thing. Hope you are having fun! Cheers. LH
2007-09-08 16:14:30 GMT
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Hi: Got internet Access in a hotel west of Madison...Glad the Kitties are least Ony is. I'm sure Graycie is OK. She seems to get more neurotic not less as she gets older. Sorry about the flies. We are heading home tommorrow so should be back Sunday afternoon. Thanks! Ony and Graycie's folks
2007-09-08 17:46:51 GMT