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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for September 7, 2007
It was good to see your little family again. Bear and Sunset greeted me at the door with such chatter and Cleo was looking at me from the bedroom doors and complaining. I let her out first thing. They all recognized me from before and were anxiously waiting to see what I would do next. I took a survey of the apartment to find all of the litter boxes as a third was added to the bedroom and the one that used to be in the living room was now in the hall. I did my chores first, replenishing the food and water and scooping the litter. I then settled down to some serious bonding with all of the kitties. I got out the cat dancer, grabbed a bag of Greenies and a brush and headed for the living room. Cleo and Sunset were very interested in the cat dancer and Bear couldn't care less about it. He was however very interested in getting a good brush. So with one hand I tried to keep Cleo and Sunset interested in play with the cat dancer while I gave Bear a brushing with the other hand. This was quite a juggling act. Sunset would hold back and let Cleo play. Cleo would walk away in a huff to the bedroom if she thought that Sunset was hogging the toy and Bear oblivious to it all just wanted me to keep brushing. This went on for a while until about the third time that Cleo went on the bed for a time out. I lured Sunset into the bedroom with the cat dancer and closed the door and gave Bear a scratch and a little kiss on the head and said good bye, promising to come back tomorrow.
2007-09-08 16:07:49 GMT
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Hi! Thanks for the great service. Quick note. Only cleo needs to be be locked in the back bedroom, not sunset or bear
2007-09-08 17:51:28 GMT