How's My Kitty?
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BUTTONS, Entry for September 5, 2007
Buttons was her usual cute self today.  She met me at the door talking up a storm.  Buttons escorted me to the sink rolling over occasionally and begging for scratchies.  So after lots of attention, I prepared her food.  She ate a little and joined me on the ottoman to walk up on my stomach and push her face under my chin and into my hand resulting in more scratchies between the ears and under her chin.  She kept me pined to the chair for a while until she felt like another nibble from her food dish.  She groomed herself on the ottoman after her nibble and rolled around for her kitty massage. Upon her next little trip to her food dish, I took the opportunity to do the litter box and get the cat dancer out of my bag.  We had a good play session on and off of the ottoman with the cat dancer and watched Animal Planet together until it was time for me to go.  While I was preparing to leave she moved to the rug in front of the door, which she would sometimes do to block my exit.  I'll definitely miss her... Hope you have a safe flight back:) Cheers!
2007-09-06 18:06:38 GMT