How's My Kitty?
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BUTTONS, Entry for September 4, 2007
Buttons was doing well today. She was happy to see me as usual and escorted me into the kitchen occasionally rolling on the floor for her attention and scratchies. After her food was prepared she ate a bit then joined me in the chair. She came onto my lap and pushed her face into my chin and or my hand and laid there for a while to get her scratchies. She went back to her dish several times. On one of those occasions I took the opportunity to finish my chores. We met again in the living room for some play with the cat dancer and some more scratchies. Buttons finally settled on holding court on the ottoman while she received scratchies between her ears and about the side of her face and under her chin. She moved her paws in and out while she purred loudly with the tip of her little pink tongue sticking out. She's definitely one of my favorites:)
2007-09-05 16:48:31 GMT