How's My Kitty?
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BUTTONS, Entry for September 3, 2007
Buttons was doing well today. Buttons met me at the door as usual. She waited in the kitchen while I prepared her food and ate a little while I took care of the litter box. After my chores were completed, Buttons climbed into my lap and pushed her face into my chin and settled down for some scratchies and snuggling which she has loved to do everyday so far. She stayed in my lap for quite a while before she relocated on the ottoman. This gave me the opportunity to get the cat dancer out for some play and exercise. She ran in circles and swatted it vigorously for a while, then settled down on the rug to swat it when it suited her. Her play was punctuated by an occasional nibble at her food dish and a return to my lap. Also, moving her food to the other side of the kitchen by the coat tree seems to have fooled the ants. They don't seem to be able to find the new location yet! So all's well here!
2007-09-04 15:01:24 GMT