How's My Kitty?
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CELIA & SCARLETT, Entry for September 2, 2007
Hi there! Well the girls are doing fine. When I came in, both of them were at the top of the stairs looking down at me. After a few seconds, Celia hurried down and took a couple sniffs of my hand and gave me a hiss. Oh well... undaunted though I headed up and Scar let me give her a couple scratchies on her head while Celia headed for the livingroom and sat at a distance giving me "the look". I got the treats out right away to win her over and both enjoyed those quite a bit. Then I mashed up her pills and split the 1/2 can of food between them. I put Celia's food a good distance away from me in the livingroom, where I thought she might be more comfortable eating for at least today. She ate about half and then came back to keep an eye on me. When I checked the litter, it was in quite a mess and somebody had pooped outside the box twice. I think it may have had too much litter in it and was all backed up. So I spent quite a bit of time getting everything back to normal. I just took out all of what was left of the litter, cleaned the grate, floor etc. and put in all fresh. I then turned it off and on a few times to make sure it was functioning normally again. So I think everything's OK now and I doubt we'll see anymore accidents. Well.. more tomorrow!
2007-09-03 17:10:44 GMT