How's My Kitty?
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LEO, Entry for September 2, 2007
Thanks again for the "Leo's House" note on the door. very cute:) Leo was meowing like mad though as soon as he heard me outside the door and was very grateful for company. He's another people-cat like Felix (below) and just as sweet as can be. I put his food down but he just wanted lots of love and attention before eating. Didn't seem like he was starving - and had plenty of dry food left. He followed me around everywhere, cleaning the litter and filling the water bowls - and giving me his opinion on everything. Basically he felt I should be petting him instead of doing all these mundane chores:) So eventually we sat down and he had his brush and we got out the catnip toys and his black rope which he very much enjoyed batting and catching. When I left he was laying on his mat and clutching his little mice:) Cheers!
2007-09-03 17:02:38 GMT