How's My Kitty?
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CASSIE, LOTTY, SCOUT & RANGER, Entry for September 1-2, 2007
It's been so much fun hanging out with your little gang again. They all have such different personalities they make me laugh. The girls always give Scout & Ranger a hard time when it comes to feeding time. I did put Scouts bowl in the bedroom and shut the door for awhile, but he got lonely and started meowing to come out within about 10 minutes. But he did eat a fair amount before I let him out. Lotty went right in as soon as I opened the door and started helping herself of course. So I eventually just brought the bowl out so everyone could share before she gobbled it all up herself. Couldn't find any extra litter to swap out. It's clean but mostly sawdust at this point so you'll need another bag soon.
2007-09-03 16:46:44 GMT