How's My Kitty?
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MAX P. Entry for August 30-31, 2007
8/30 - Max was eager to see us today, as usual. After supervising the preparation of his food, he made his inspection and joined us in the living room for his scratchies and brushing. He likes to be between us on the sofa getting much loving from both sides. He still was a bit squirmy with his berthing treatment and eye drop at first, but when it was all over with he lead me back to the kitchen for his treat. Soon he was back on the sofa for more cuddling.
8/31- Well, this was our last visit with Max today. We told him that his Mom would be home soon. When we arrived he was on the sofa and came running into the entry hall to get us started on our chores. After his inspection of his food, we had our usual session on the sofa, punctuated by Max's little trips to the kitchen for a few licks of food. We all watched some TV together while Max got his brushing and lots of snuggles. Max is such a wonderful cat. He is so appreciative of his attention and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. It was a joy to visit with Max.
2007-09-01 17:58:23 GMT