How's My Kitty?
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Max Entry for August 29, 2007
Max was doing well again today. I knew just where to look for him when I arrived. I went straight for him and wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big hug. He hopped off his perch in the window of the bedroom and escorted me to the kitchen. He made his observation from the vantage point of the counter in back of the sink. I noticed that the cylinder used in the delivery of his medication had become coated with residue and found a bowl and gently soaked it with the other components in soapy water and rinsed and dried the components except for the cylinder. I knew by personal experience that the cylinder should air dry as opposed to being wiped dry. (something about the static charge on the inside of the cylinder) His treatment was a little more intense as the medication was not so attracted to the inner surface of the cylinder. After his breathing treatment he escorted me to the kitchen for his treats and we watched a little TV while Max received his scratchies punctuated by some swatting of the cat dancer.
2007-08-30 21:19:49 GMT