How's My Kitty?
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Max Entry for August 28, 2007
Max is doing well today. I looked all over the house for Max when I arrived as he serenely watched me from his vantage point on his box in the window of the bedroom. After I noticed him, he came down and escorted me to the kitchen to supervise the preparation of his food. After scooping the litter I spent some time giving him some scratchies and some play with the cat dancer. he likes to swat the cat dancer as long as it doesn't require too much exertion on his part. Max was a little squirmy during his medication treatment. I brought another cat nannie with me in order to insure that he received his proper dose and everything went well. He enjoyed his treats after and came back into the living room for more scratchies and some leisurely swatting of the cat dancer.
2007-08-30 21:19:33 GMT