How's My Kitty?
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WINSTON, SEBASTIAN, WILHEMINA & CICERO, Entry for August 26pm-27am, 2007
AUG. 26 PM, Hi there! Well all is well here. Winston had his injection at 7pm and Sebastian his pill as well. Both were exceptional patients and SO sweet. All the kitties were out and about and very sociable. Much more so than our first outing last time. I think they like me!:) A funny thing happened though that nearly gave me heart failure. I found Winston under the bed and when I pulled him out, he was just soaking wet on his tummy, one side and back. Of course I thought right away that perhaps it was a diabetic reaction of some kind and he'd peed on himself and we might have a situation - BUT! After closer inspection ( and sniffing) he actually smelled pretty sweet! And then I discovered that the bathroom sink had a slight leak in the faucet.. So I think the little angel had simply been laying in the sink all day. lol. Well.. I dried him off and all was well.
Everybody got pets and loves too.
AUG 27 AM, Text message from Laney this morning reported that Wiinston's AM injection and Sebastian's pill went off without a hitch. So we're doing fine.
2007-08-27 19:34:59 GMT