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KATO & SASHA, Entry for August 26, 2007
Hi guys! Well it was an odd day in kittyville today. When I came in... Kato was right on the TV greeting me and just as sweet and friendly as can be. Then he started running around quite happy and excited - which he doesn't usually do. The wierd thing was, Sasha was NOwhere in sight. Now THIS has never happened before. Sasha is ALways there and ALways greets me - while Kato is usually either sleeping or hiding for awhile. So, I called and called her and she didn't appear! Kato followed me all around looking, just as happy and sociable as he was when he was a kitten. I started to figure he was up to something.... hmmm. What's he done with Sasha??? Anyway after several minutes I finally found her under the pillows in the front bedroom and she seemed a little scared and didn't want to come out. I sat down and pet her for awhile, and she kept looking past me - as if she was worried about where Kato was... hmmm. In fact, she never did come out of the bedroom the whole visit - even though I stayed quite awhile and watched half a movie. So, what I think is that Kato decided to chase and give her a hard time yesterday. So much so that she felt she'd better stay in her safe zone. While I was there though - he was on his best behavior and you would never have guessed he'd been terrorizing Sasha - but I really think that was the case. Anyway,we'll see how she is tomorrow...hopefully Kato will be a little nicer overnight. lh
2007-08-27 16:57:06 GMT