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ONYX & GRAYCIE, Entry for August 25-26, 2007

Well no worries here. The front door worked just fine with the key I had. Onyx came right out to meet me - but Graycie was laying low both visits and I have not seen her at all. I'm not surprised though, because it has been quite awhile since my last visit. Missed seeing her though - she's just so cute and we had made so much progress last time. Ah well.. Onyx was quite the sociable one as always and loved his pets and scratchies. Most all the food was gone from yesterday and Onyx took a few bites then headed to the back door. But! I decided he could stay in until mom and dad got back - sorry I'm just too chicken! So we played with the wands and had a good time inside:)

2007-08-26 19:33:07 GMT
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Onyx probably loved playing with you without Graycie butting in for once while she was hiding out. They, or at least Ony, looks forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks.
2007-08-26 21:47:12 GMT