How's My Kitty?
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KATO & SASHA, Entry for August 25, 2007

Hi Guys! Well I opened the window back up as it's been quite sunny and absolutely beautiful here. That second wave of storms never manifested itself. The kitties are doing very well. Sasha wants to snuggle and even Kato is jumping up on the kitchen counter for pets and scratchies. The laser light you left on the table doesn't work for some reason, so we played with the wands today on the bed. Kato batted at them for a bit - but ended up getting so excited that he decided to go chase after Sasha! Sheesh. She got away fast though. Then Kato watched with interested all the litter  cleaning activites from the sink, and went promptly in to christen the clean box:) Gave them both a brushing too which they liked and we watched a bit of TV. I changed the channel to Soundscapes for the evening...

2007-08-26 19:00:15 GMT