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Buttercup and Lulu (AM and PM Visits) Entry for August 25, 2007
Buttercup and Lulu were doing great during my visits today! In the morning, they were full of meows so I made sure to feed them right away. Afterwards, Lulu followed me into the living room so I pet her lots. I noticed that she has a small scab on her ear, but other then that all is well with her. Buttercup was filled with meows, but didn't seem to want attention unless Lulu was out of the room. During tonight's visit, I made sure to mix in their special foods and they were eager to eat. We played with the wands tonight, and these two were excited to play! I hope you are having a great vacation!
2007-08-26 02:09:40 GMT
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Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our girls! Also, we appreciate your attention regarding Lulu's ear. Until next time! - Ilanit and Joshua
2007-08-27 04:14:03 GMT