How's My Kitty?
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Buttercup and Lulu Entry for August 24, 2007
Buttercup and Lulu were such great kitties to visit today. This morning, they were eager to be pet, although didn't seem very excited about playing with the wand. I made sure to pet them lots, even though Buttercup would get a bit jealous if I pet Buttercup, so I had to take turns with them. I made sure to refill their food in both the morning and the evening, and clean out the litter. At my visit tonight, both Buttercup and Lulu were full of meows! They seemed to have lots of energy so we played with the wand. Buttercup jumps all over, trying to capture it! What a cutie! I hope your trip is going well!
2007-08-25 01:56:43 GMT