How's My Kitty?
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SIR KINGSLEY & CHLOE, Entry for August 23, 2007

Sir Kingsley & Chloe are doing just fine. Not sure if your dad or friend came by yesterday as their litter box was pretty full. They still had plenty of food and water left, because I had filled both bowls to the top day before yesterday, and there was still one bowl full of food left. Both are just as sociable and sweet as can be and Chloe sits next to me on the couch and gets plenty of pets. Kingsley prefers his pets on the bed in the back room. . I visited them just before the storm hit - and when I was getting in my car in the alley I saw this huge black cloud moving way too fast and suddenly all the trash cans in the alley started flying around. It was pretty scarey, I'll tell you! Anyway, I survived...  and will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know all is secure in the aftermath. You can call anytime as well. Cheers!

2007-08-24 23:49:20 GMT