How's My Kitty?
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GRETCHEN, Entry for August 23- 24, 2007

Hi Mom! Well it amazes me how Gretchen has gone from being our scariest cat to an almost normal feline - or maybe I'm just getting used to her. But really, this past year we have come across cats FAR more ferocious than Gretchen. I walked into one apt. a few months ago and suddenly the cat just charges me from out of nowhere! It came running out as fast as it could and jumped on me biting and scratching as hard as it could! I'll tell you, after that... Gretchen was elevated to a near LAP CAT!! haha. Anyway, she's doing really well. She just sauntered out from the living room when I came in and started eating her lunch when I put it down. I also filled up the water dispenser. After that we played a little "Chase the Treat" game which always makes her happy and gives her some exercise :) Cheers!

2007-08-24 23:38:25 GMT