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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for August 22-24, 2007
Hi there! Well we had a pretty crazy storm here as you may or may not have heard about in S. Africa... but the babies have survived just fine and continue to be pampered by Grandma. She has reported to me that the sliding door has been open when she arrived a couple times this week and that your large plant was looking a bit fatigued yesterday, so I had her give it some extra water. This morning it had apparently rallied a bit, but I'll be heading down to just take a look in on everyone myself soon. I just spoke to Katie on the phone who happened to be there when I called mom, and she said she thinks perhaps the humidity lately affected it. I didn't know Katie, her husband AND Carol were visiting! Ha!!! I hardly doubt that Warick and Cactus will be starved for attention when you arrive home. lol. But there's no company like their dad's I'm sure... xx LH
2007-08-24 23:28:27 GMT