How's My Kitty?
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Warick & Cactus, Entry for August 20-21, 2007
Hi guys! Well not too much "new" news to report. The babies and Grandma are still doing very well and taking turns in her lap watching Gunsmoke and the like during the day. They're getting their exercise with ball chasing under the couch and the feather wand, which Warick has now taken to dragging around. Oh yes, Grandma cut off the handles of two shopping bags and put toys inside them for the kids to find. She says they REALLY found that fun. I'll be stopping in to check in on them as well today, as I'll be in the area. Grandma of course, calls me 3 times a day to report all the cute things they do, so they are very much in the loop:) Hope all's going well there and you're managing to have a bit of fun between packing!
2007-08-22 19:19:38 GMT