How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for August 20-21, 2007

Goodmorning. Got a bit busy here and am behind in our blogs but! Harry's still doing very well and Steve is looking after him for the last couple days. He's been enjoying the laundry basket alot, as that's where I have greeted him every day. He has been a little more shy this trip than last for some reason, but he's still FAR more comforatable than when we first started. So he comes out for his lunch and then we retire to the livingroom for wand play after his repas. Here's Steve's blog from yesterday!

"Harry was out when I arrived, however he decided to head to his closet until my chores were done.  He then reemerged when he heard his tuna being prepared, ate a little, then roamed around the living room and laid down to see what I'd do next.  We played awhile with the wand toys then he followed me over to the litter box and sat by his closet to watch what was going on. I needed to do a bit of clean up today as Harry over-shot the  box between visits and had a good ole time kicking litter  over the side as well.  So it was a bit messy around the corner of the small cabinet next to the litter pan.  But it's back to clean now.  We'll see how long it stays that way:) You might want to pick up a bottle of   "Natures Miracle" at Pet Smart or Petco. This is a cat safe enzyme cleaner that will absorb odor and occassional spots." 

2007-08-22 18:32:15 GMT