How's My Kitty?
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KO & MIMA, Entry for August 18-19, 2007

Ko and Mima are in good spirits and eating well - tho not much to speak of in the litter box usually - Well... they are pretty small :) Both are always at the door to greet me and the rugs have been askew apparently from midnight romps around the house. So I straighten all that out and put things in order, only for them to mess it up again later:) I did find a fair amount of vomit this morning of dry food on the white rug. Gosh I wish they'd found some other place! That shag rug is particularly hard to clean, but I did my best. I left the TV on low for them today - because I thought it might be a stress reducer. We'll see.

2007-08-19 20:39:43 GMT