How's My Kitty?
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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for August 14-15, 2007
Goodmorning! Well I am excited to say I have worked out a great new plan for the boys. I have assigned Grandma to visit Jolene's kitties in the AM, then walk over to Warick & Cactus and spend the day with them, giving them both breakfast and dinner. Then she just needs to walk across the street again to do the PM visit with Lobo & Azuki on the way home! We did (2) walk throughs together before I left her on her own and she's doing really well and enjoying it. She says it's nice to have a "job" :) and this morning she reported that Warick was laying in her lap while they watched "Bridges of Madison County" together. Carol also came today and played with Cactus and showed grandma pictures of her own kitties which she liked. So all is quite well here and Warick & Cactus are only going to be alone at night now, so are getting the royal treatment:)) Hope the packing and moving is going well and also if you're reading this, let me know about the dishwashing soap! Thanks! LH
2007-08-15 19:42:43 GMT