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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for August 12-13, 2007
Hi guys! Well, things are starting to settle back down here and I'll have the time to upload blogs everyday now. Coming back from vacation - and everybody leaving on Their vacation made it a bit of a scramble here. But the boys are doing very well. Warick has a new game where if I don't get the ball exactly under the couch the way he likes it, he'll just keep batting it underneath, getting it out and batting it back again - and not bring it back to me. He's made it very clear that I have to toss the ball just right so that he can slide underneath. Cactus is being super sweet and rubs up against me and follows me everywhere - and of course is doing his usual Superman jumps up and down from the high walls. The day before yesterday I checked the plants and they were getting a bit dry, so I decided I'd better water them. But it was a bit scarey watering the outside ones because I was afraid the boys would try and step through the bars - ah! BUT - I managed to keep them back. I could not find a watering can though, so used the water kettle. Do you have one somewhere? Also, I've been looking for some plain dishwashing liquid to wash their bowls everyday and can't find any - so have been using another cleaner meanwhile. I'd prefer regular dish soap tho, so let me know if you have any. Will probably bring my own today in the meantime. Today, I brought Grandma as well and she played and played with the wands with them - and later they sat in the window and got a bit of fresh air while we watched I Love Lucy:)) Hope all's well with you two!
2007-08-14 14:12:17 GMT