How's My Kitty?
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MURPHY, FINNEGAN & TABASCO, Entry for August 10, 2007
What a great group of cats! They were all very curious when I came in. Murphy was the most social and came right up for pets, Tabasco sat at a little distance watching and Finnegan peered curiously around the corner. He is just so stunning with those pointy ears and long hair. It's amazing how well they match. Anyway, they all came out to the kitchen anxiously when food was being prepared. Murphy & Finnegan ate right up in the kitchen while Finny chose to eat at a safe distance under the diningroom table. I tossed some toys around for them which they watched, but decided not to chase. But when I moved their rectangular pillows and round scratch pad more into the hall, that became a real center of curiosity and everybody gathered around to check out the new location:) Murphy was the only one who would get very close - so he got most of the cuddles and pets:)
2007-08-11 13:03:40 GMT