How's My Kitty?
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Nami & Isis for August 5, 2007 AM & PM
Isis and Nami were doing well today. They didn't join me upstairs both in the AM or the PM, so we had our play session on the first floor both visits. The AM visit was uneventful and routine. The PM visit when I approached the apartment I noticed that the lights were on and I hadn't left them on when I had left earlier. I noticed keys on the island and I knew someone was in the apartment. When I went upstairs he was watching TV and had done some laundry as the doors to the washer were open and there were clothes on a rack drying. I introduced myself as Alan the cat sitter and he said that was cool. I went about my business and scooped the litter and went down stairs to play with the kitties. We had a good play session and I left the kitties to their house guest.
2007-08-06 16:45:31 GMT