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Dewey and Jasmine Entry for August 2, 2007
It was sad to see that it was my last visit with Dewey and Jasmine today! I am going to miss these guys so much, they are such great little kitties. They were both at the door, as usual, and Jasmine even had some meows to greet me with! I made sure to fill up their food and water first thing, although they didn't seem too interested right away. I set Jasmine on my lap and pet Dewey, which they both enojoyed. Jasmine chased after the little ball while Dewey played with the wand, and then they would switch. I also made sure to brush both of the kitties, although Dewey was more interested then Jasmine and rolled on his back. What cuties! I hope you had a great trip!
2007-08-02 17:26:23 GMT