How's My Kitty?
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Nami & Isis for July 31, 2007 AM & PM
Nami and Isis were waiting on the first floor at the door each time that I arrived today. Both were rolling around to show me their happiness as I prepared their food. We had good play sessions today. It seems that both kitties like to watch as the tip of the cat dancer moves across the floor away from them and vanishes around the side of the sofa before they initiate their running attack. This stalking behavior is really cute. They reve up their little engines and take off in a flash of energy. I spent some quiet time alone with Isis giving her some scratchies. The more scratchies I gave her back the more furious she licked and preened herself or licked my hand. Isis made it all the way up to the top level to join in the fun with Nami today which was a first. That's a tough climb for her little legs and wide body. She had to rest and catch her breath before she played. Usually I have two play sessions, one with Nami up stairs and one with both of them on the first floor.
2007-08-01 17:08:43 GMT