How's My Kitty?
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Wrigley and Adler for July 30, 2007, PM visit
Wrigley and Adler were doing well today. Wrigley was lounging in the front window when I arrived and got very excited when he saw me and came to the front door for some scratchies. We went through the usual routine. I prepared their food and Adler tore into it while Wrigley positioned himself on the stairs to run down to the ottoman. I offered him his treat (baby food) at the top of the stairs and he ate half his baby food before he went down and hoped on his ottoman. We had a great Play/Brushing session downstairs. Wrigley also played with the cat dancer on the ottoman lying on his back and swatting vigorously. Adler on the other hand tore around and jumped catching to his delight that little "bug" on the end of the wire.

Adler does something that worries me though. He has walked along the narrow ledge on the other side of the banister in the living room and today he walked along the narrow back ledge by the outside wall. He stopped in the middle and contemplated turning around. I went halfway down the stairs and gently picked him off the ledge. It can be a long drop to the stairs below. Wrigley had also made a short walk on the other side of the bannister once when I was going down to do the litter. You might consider using a runner down the stairs to help cushion any future mistakes in judgment or accidents in play by the kitties.
2007-07-31 14:41:56 GMT