How's My Kitty?
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Nami & Isis for July 29, 2007 AM & PM
Isis and Nami were happy to see me on each visit. They ate all of their wet food in one sitting on both occasions, although there was still a little dry food left in the evening when I returned. We had good play sessions both visits, both with the cat dancer and the feather wand. Isis is cute, she holds back and then she rushes in like a little tank and attacks, swiping and rolling around and then runs off to contemplate her next attack. Nami is more reserved. She observes from under the computer chair and has occasional less animated shorter encounters. So far, Nami is the only one who has made it up to litter area during my litter chore. She tends to use the sofas as scratching posts during short bursts of scratching which I am trying to discourage. Isis really appreciates getting scratchies and hands on attention. I am more cautious giving scratchies to Nami. All in well, we are having a good time together!
2007-07-30 14:42:59 GMT