How's My Kitty?
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Wrigley and Adler for July 29, 2007, PM visit
7/29 pm-Wrigley and Adler continue to be happy and playful kitties. Adler met me at the door as usual while Wrigley was lounging on the roof of his house in the corner. I gave Wrigley some scratchies on my way to prepare the food. Wrigley continued to lounge on the roof until I was done with the food and then he positioned himself on the stairs to make a dash for his ottoman in preparation for his brushing. While Adler ate some of his food, I grabbed the brush and headed for the ottoman. Adler appeared shortly to play. Wrigley also played with the cat dancer from his position on the ottoman. Adler supervised the scooping of the litter from on top of the washer/dryer, and we had more play and scratchies after. Cheers!

7/30am- Text message from Laney is AOK, no further vomiting  this morning so kitties are starting another good day, knock on wood. Spoke to your friend yesterday and she said she took both boys  temperatures (normal) day before yesterday, so there was so reason to ask Laney to do it this morning. From her description of both accidents, it  sounds like a hairball to me - which of course is very common with all our cats right down as they're shedding during  the summer. Since there's no further evidence this morning, that appears to be the case. But we'll see.  We remain quite optimistic here as both boys continue to be  very playful and alert.
2007-07-30 14:41:03 GMT