How's My Kitty?
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Wrigley and Adler for July 28pm & 29am, 2007, PM visit

7/28pm - Wrigley and Adler were doing well this evening.  Adler greeted me at the door and I found Wrigley downstairs on the ottoman lounging with his front paws crossed.  Adler was anxious for his food as usual and supervised the food preparation.  Wrigley continued to wait downstairs for me to come down.  I could hear him running around.  Eventually he came up stairs and escorted me down to do the litter and impatiently waited for his brushing and scratchies on the ottoman.  Adler also followed me to supervise the litter pans and keep an eye on the cat dancer which I brought with me along with the brush.  After the litter we had a good play session and brushing.  I was again brushing Wrigley with one hand while playing with Adler with the cat dancer in the other hand.  Keeping these two happy is a test of coordination. :) Cheers!

7/29am - text message report from Laney quote:" All's fine. Note from friend left, saw vomit- but that's a first. None this am."  So kids are doing ok this am again and fluids went well. However, Please have your friend call me (LH) to discuss vomit accident. Cats are quite frequent vomiters in general, so we're not going to worry yet. I'd still like to talk with her though, just to know what type, how much etc.

2007-07-29 15:37:51 GMT