How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & ADLER, Entry for July 25pm & 26am, 2007

7/26am - Text message from Laney at 6am simply read "Another good day!" Isn't that just great??! So it appears the kitties are relaxing into their fluid routine with her and attitudes/health remain positive.  Of course we remain extremely diligent and watchful here regardless of how smoothly things have gone so far. We still have quite a bit of time to go.

7/26pm - Wrigley and Adler were doing well as usual today.  The visits are getting to be the same routines.  Wrigley loves to be brushed so we now always end the visit with a good grooming.  Adler on the other hand loves to play, and is particularly fond of the cat dancer.  He really made a nice jump today.  I used the last of the Metronidazole today, so Wrigley will be pleased that he does not have to have a pill in the PM.  They are both eating well, Adler more so than Wrigley.  Adler tears into his food when I set it down and Wrigley, occassionally pouting over the pill, is cheered up with his treat of baby food.  They are both curious and following me around wherever I go.  Wrigley positions himself on the ottoman in the TV room and waits for me to finish the litter and give him his brushing.

2007-07-26 14:49:31 GMT