How's My Kitty?
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NATASHA, Entry for July 25, 2007
Natasha made a beeline for the back of the sofa when I came in today.  She probably blames me for making her leave her spot under mom's side of the bed.  In my talk with her from the side of the sofa I tried to make amends.  When it was time to leave, I walked down the hall and opened and closed the door.  I tiptoed to the kitchen and waited to see what she would do.  After a few minutes she came out from behind the sofa and sat by her little house.  She must have seen the tip of my head as I spied on her from the kitchen and didn't move from there.  I stood up and talked to her from the kitchen face to face for a few minutes and she did not run for the sofa! Progress!
2007-07-26 14:39:51 GMT