How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & ADLER, Entry for July 23pm & 24am, 2007
7/23pm - Wrigley and Adler were doing just fine today.  Wrigley was lounging in the front window when I arrived and Adler was waiting at the front door.  They both followed me to the kitchen to supervise the preparation of their food.  They had eaten very well since morning. The pill-taking went well.  Adler tore into his food but Wrigley held back, worrying that he might get another pill. So I opened up a jar of baby food for him and all was well with the world again.  Adler and I had a nice play session with the cat dancer later.  Wrigley enjoyed some scratchies and a good brushing as well.  He rolled on his back to show me his tummy and walked along the wall when I brushed his side. I'd say they were both happy little campters today.

7/24am - Text message from Laney reported that Sub Q's went great today without fuss, they ate well overnight and kitties continue to look well and free of problems. So, I believe you can have another worry free day relaxing on the beach. Must be absolutely beautiful in Greece this time of year. See you tomorrow morning!
2007-07-24 15:07:14 GMT