How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & ADLER, Entry for July 21pm & 22am, 2007
7/22pm, Steve reports that Wrigley and Adler are doing well.  They both were happily tearing around the living room and down the stairs during the course of the visit. Both would run after the occassional tossed ball, and Adler jumped and jumped trying to catch the cat dancer as usual.  They had eaten most their morning food with only a tad left in their bowls.  Both are adjusting very well it seems to our daily  routines and appear happier and healthier everyday. One thing Steve mentioned that was kind of funny was that your friend said she took Wrigley's temperature too - on the same day Laney did. Poor Wrigley!:) Well.... we definitely know his temperature is normal now eh? :)

7/22, Phone report from Laney was excellent this morning. She said they were both very calm for the fluids  and meds- more so than usual. They ate their breakfast too! She also thought they seemed healthy enough to cut down the fluids to 100 MLS, so I called the vet to discuss that as well as inquire if we needed to refill the prescription for Metronidazle. Vet said even though they seem much improved, she wants to keep to 200 MLS right now.  She also said, they will not need any more Metronidazole after we run out, which will be tomorrow. So I think this is a very good day for the babies overall - especially with Laney's assessment of them looking so alert and healthy! Fingers crossed they will continue to do better each day! Talked to Steve just now too and he said he'd be happy to pick up more bottled water for them on his way over .  xxLH
2007-07-23 17:32:51 GMT