How's My Kitty?
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NATASHA, Entry for July 22, 2007
Natasha is doing fine.  When I came in she was on the window sill out of view.  At first I saw that the door was closed and thought that she might have inadvertently closed it on her own.  I looked in and checked under the bed but didnt see her. Finally, she popped out from under couch - a little game of hide & seek?:) She was a bit shy today so I spent a little extra time helping her get used to me again - sniffing and chatting.  I read your note and will keep the bedroom door closed, although it doesn't quite close all the way.  I pulled it as tight as I could.  I will monitor whether she can push it open and will let you know.  I switched the TV off and turned on the radio for her in-between visits.  I put the radio on 95.5 which is a smooth jazz radio station, so she will get very soothing calming background music.  More soon!
2007-07-23 17:13:02 GMT